Worship, Learn, Pray

The gospel takes ground within and among people as it moves through the repeating process that we call the Growth Cycle.  The simple message, small as a mustard seed, expresses its massive potential as it takes root in hearts, bears fruit through redeemed relationships, and grows to the next generation of Christ followers.  We as the gospel community should experience this process repeatedly in our personal lives and as we gather together.

Under the “SESSIONS” tab of the Life Teams App you’ll find three sub tabs – “Worship,” “Learn,” and “Pray.”  Each of these practices corresponds primarily, though not exclusively to one of the three phases of the Growth Cycle.  When we worship, the gospel takes root in our hearts as we rehearse what God has done for us in Christ.  One might think that learning would also be a means whereby the gospel takes root and it is but each of the resources we’ve included focus on obedience-based learning.  More than gaining head knowledge, participants are expected to process how they can bear fruit through gospel-driven life change.

Though a believer’s whole life should be lived on mission, prayer is where the gathered community primarily engages in the Great Commission together.  “The Three O’s” tool is designed to ensure that our prayer times together are strategic rather than purely reactive.  When we pray specifically together for the harvest, the gospel will grow to the next generation.

So, that’s the rationale beneath the shape of the “SESSIONS” tab.  Each sub tab should be engaged every time your Life Team meets to keep the holistic nature of discipleship in view.

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