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MessiahtitlePaul told Timothy that all scripture is God-breathed and useful to make a person wise unto salvation.  At the time he penned those words, the only scriptures recognized by God’s people were the 39 books of the Old Testament. The early church made its proclamation of the coming of Messiah by exclusively using the Old Testament.  A survey of the sermons contained in Acts reveals that each of them with the exception of the Mars Hill discourse lean upon passages from these scriptures.  That’s why we’ve created and included the Messiah Series in the Life Teams app.  This series contains 39 presentations of the gospel taken from the Old Testament.  To use each lesson, the leader should listen to the MP3 on the passage and then read it.  The associated PDF found under “notes” for each lesson is a discussion guide for use during the Life Team meeting.  The first talk in the series, “Abram to Abraham” can be found here.  Our hope with this is that the church will regain her ability to process and express the gospel with the full weight of God’s redemptive work through the ages.

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