The Gospel of John celebrates the wonderful truth that God has come in the flesh.

And when we believe, he continues to dwell in the flesh since we are his Body.

Crossing Over

In the Flesh message #18 on John 6:16-33 We must abandon our mortal methods to receive Jesus by faith alone in the living God who gives real life.

What Difference

Message #17 from In the Flesh on John 6:1-15

Living by Faith

In the Flesh Message #15 on John 5:17-30

Invisible Signs

In the Flesh message #13 on John 4:43-52 Jesus avoided skeptics to give them a chance to see and reflect his glory.

Daring Rescue

In the Flesh message #12 on John 4:27-42 Faith disciples must accept Jesus’ mission as essential, crucial, and incomparable.

Satisfying Spirituality

Thirsty people engage in empty religion that God despises because he seeks real relationship. Message #11 from In the Flesh: Studies in John on chapter 4 verses 15-16.

Living Water

Message #10 in our series on the Gospel of John:

Holy Communion

Message #6 in our series on the Gospel of John:

Water to Wine

Message #5 in our Gospel of John series, In the Flesh:

Come and See

Jesus is the ultimate messenger because he’s also the message.

Behold the Lamb

John baptized to show Israel her Messiah who was immersed into humanity so everyone could be immersed into his divinity.

One True Light

The second message from In the Flesh, our series on the gospel of John.

Light in the Darkness

Unbelievers can be good, but when they are, it’s not without God. According to the Gospel of John, all good is an emanation of the preincarnate Jesus Christ.

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