The Fourth “O”

The “Three O’s” tool under the “SESSIONS” tab in the Life Teams app can push a Life Team from being just another small group to being a militarized cell in the war on sin. Through strategic prayer we assail Satan’s strongholds and open the way for gospel progress. Additionally, the process of considering the Three O’s, pushes members of the Life Team toward the mission by putting weekly tension on each member to watch for the hand of God, seek opportunities and take victory over obstacles.

There is, however, a fourth “O” to be considered – “Ockwardness.”  Okay, I misspelled it (I’ve seen it both ways 😉 but however you spell it.  Asking a these questions every week can be difficult.  Especially in a “church-broke” culture, people expect to meet for a nice meal and a few “ah ha’s” then leave unchanged.  Asking the Three O’s can lead to pained expressions and awkward silences during the meeting.  When this happens the leader may be tempted to leave this exercise out of future gatherings  Don’t do it!  The Hebrew writer said we are supposed to spur each other on to love and good works.  As far as I can tell, being spurred isn’t a comfortable experience.  In this war, we can’t afford to let ourselves or others be comfortable.  Through divinely empowered acts of love and good works, God’s people take the land for his name.  Remember, we’re here to subdue his enemies before him until he comes again.  So push through the fourth “O” and use the Three O’s any time you meet.

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