Now that’s out of the way, here’s the answer to a big question people come to church websites for:

We meet on Sunday mornings at 10 AM for a time of worship and mutual encouragement.

You’re welcome to come join us just as you are.

In case you have more questions, here are some FAQ’s to give you the 411.

Q- “Where do I take the kids?”qa
A- Bring them right on in with you.  We believe that something powerful happens when kids worship and learn with their families.  If your children get antsy, first of all don’t worry about it.  We know kids need to move.  We’re just glad you and they are here.  If you need to take a baby out of the auditorium during the service, we have a moms’ and babies’ room in the back near the ladies restroom.  You can care for your baby there and still participate in the service.

Q- “Where are the instruments?”

A- Pleasant Street comes out of a tradition which sings “a cappella”.  We don’t think everyone has to do it this way; it’s what we’ve always done and we like it.  In time, we might have more instrumental accompaniment, but right now we’re not too worried about it. We hope you’ll sing along with us.

Q- “Who’s in charge here?”

A- Pleasant Street is led by a team of proven men that we call “elders” or “shepherds.”  They care for the spiritual well being of the members, set the direction, and make big decisions.  Another group of leaders supports the elders.  We call them “deacons.”

Because we believe in sharing life, we meet in lots of other places and times throughout the week. 



Our Life Teams are groups of believers that meet where life happens in homes, businesses, and schools. We usually share a meal, worship together, learn more about our God, and pray for each other and for the advance of God’s kingdom. Life Teams are powerful forces for the growth of God’s people but you really need to visit one to know what we’re talking about.


In addition to Life Teams, several of us also gather together in smaller, gender-specific Growth Groups for accountability, Bible discussion and prayer. As the name implies, these groups stimulate spiritual growth like nothing else we’ve found.


Our call to see more people become more like Christ is beyond our ability to fulfill. So, we gather in 10.2 Prayer Groups to pray seriously for workers for the harvest just like Jesus told us to do in Luke 10:2.

Besides these formal meetings, we also like to just hang out as much as we can!

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