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I’ve been using the SOAP Method of journaling for a couple of years now. It’s a sustainable and fruitful practice that I recommend. As we enter this new series on The Ologies, I encourage everyone to develop a daily habit of Bible journaling both for general spiritual health and to maximize our grasp of the sometimes deep concepts we’ll be discussing. Each of the lessons in this series will come with a “Study and Gathering Guide” which will contain a list of daily readings for personal devotion. Since many may not be familiar with Bible journaling, I’m going to share some of my journal entries as examples. Think of them as SOAP Samples.

Keep in mind that what follows is my nearly-unedited personal journal. It represents my own musings and shouldn’t be received as an on-the-record exhortation except where the reader feels convicted in the same direction by the Spirit.

A page from my actual journal with my very bad handwriting

Journal Entry for May 17th, 2021


“Therefore the law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails.” -Habakkuk 1:4a


This resonates with relevance. I think Habakkuk shared the concern and frustration of so many evangelicals. The difference being, of course, that his concern was more legitimate in that Israel really was a theocracy. Here in Babylon, I don’t expect laws to work or justice to prevail. At the same time, I think God hates injustice grieves for the oppressed in every nation – even Babylon.


I think my captivity mentality is correct, but I’ve been wrong to use it as a cloak for callousness. While on this side of the gospel I no longer experience Habakkuk’s dismay, I should share his alarm. I should still cry out to God for justice and work in its cause.

Perhaps a boycott on Chinese goods is in order and by extension a boycott on Walmart and Amazon?


Father, I don’t expect the power brokers of this world to do right. But, I shouldn’t use their corruption as an excuse to participate, and even benefit from, injustice. As a follower of Christ, I want to oppose injustice and alleviate the suffering of the oppressed. I know that the gospel is the answer and the ultimate subversion, but its proclamation must be accompanied by kingdom living.

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