Blessed are the merciful.

Jesse Ventura once said, “Christianity is for losers.” Many took umbrage to this but I think he was just restating Christ’s words, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Christ offers his merits and demands that we cash ours in to get them. For the most part, society’s winners don’t think this is a very good deal so they refuse. The ones whom society deems worthless are far more inclined to take Jesus up on his offer. As one of the losers, I’m thankful that Christ has accepted me as I am and is making me more like him.

When all of us recovering losers get together in the church and go to find those whom Christ calls, we discover that we are in the unpleasant company of society’s cast-offs. The mercy we came to receive now becomes required of us. The pain of paying for the failures of others, becomes ours to bear. Personally, I’d prefer to just receive mercy and distribute judgment but Christ will not allow such dichotomy. In my experience, I’ve come to believe that until we show mercy, we can’t really accept it because we don’t know how much it costs.

My prayer lately has been that God would break my heart for the people he died to save. That he would give me compassion for them not just over the things that have been done to them but over the offenses they commit under Satan’s control.

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