New Growth Cycle Graphic

The kingdom of God expands through an organic process because the gospel of the kingdom is a seed. The graphic above depicts the growth cycle which holds true for organic life and for the new life of the kingdom. Evangelism and discipleship are often seen as separate functions within the church, but just as organic … Continue reading New Growth Cycle Graphic

Pleasant Street Glossary

We use some idioms. Here they are together for clarity: 10.2 Prayer Brief - a secure online document which contains the collective prayer requests and praises of our movement. Must have a Google account and lead a Life Team or 10.2 Prayer Meeting to access. 10.2 Prayer Meeting - 2 or more believers committed to … Continue reading Pleasant Street Glossary

Sharing Life and All That Implies

The phrase, "Sharing life," is intentionally ambiguous and so we use the ambiguous image above to represent our mission. We perceive the image alternately as two faces pointed inward and a cup. The inward faces represent our commitment to share our lives. Christ has called us to love one another in community and so we … Continue reading Sharing Life and All That Implies