Sharing Life and All That Implies

The phrase, "Sharing life," is intentionally ambiguous and so we use the ambiguous image above to represent our mission. We perceive the image alternately as two faces pointed inward and a cup. The inward faces represent our commitment to share our lives. Christ has called us to love one another in community and so we … Continue reading Sharing Life and All That Implies

Vision Sunday 2017

Our leadership has been seeking the Lord together over the past several months for his direction for 2017. We're super excited about some of the things this year has in store. We hope you will be too. We also hope that these ideas will focus your prayers as you join us in seeking God's provision … Continue reading Vision Sunday 2017

Not Small Group

Life Teams ought to be gospel communities. Here's a great passage from Everyday Church by Chester and Timmis which contrasts gospel communities with traditional small groups. Gospel communities are not like house groups, Bible study groups, pastoral groups, or ministry teams. House groups obviously vary hugely, and yours may function very much like a gospel … Continue reading Not Small Group

Church as Family vs. Church as Healthclub

Christ taught us to pray, "Our Father." He wants us to be a family to each other. Not in our warped western sense of immediate family holed up in our houses in front of the tube but in the eastern sense of extended family sharing life day by day. In their excellent book, Misreading Scripture with … Continue reading Church as Family vs. Church as Healthclub