A Journey of 1000 Miles…

start-buttonMaking disciples is simple but not easy.  It’s likely that nearly 100% of believers in Christ would say that we should be doing it but a considerably smaller percentage actually is.  For those who’ve experienced the Christian life as casual weekly attendance, moral maintenance, rote giving and periodic participation in church based ministries, the journey to the normal Christian life can feel like a thousand miles.  Whether or not that perception expresses reality, it is a journey we must make.

The good news is that we don’t have to cover the entire distance at once.  As the Chinese proverb counsels, we just need to take that first step.  In our tech-obsessed society, people are accustomed to interfaces which allow them to learn by taking one step at a time.  We no longer read encyclopedic manuals or even view lengthy tutorials.  Instead, we just acquire competence through interacting with a new interface.  Our abilities grow as we find new uses which the application might serve on our journey.

The Life Teams app accommodates this learning style by presenting all of the major functions under the tabs along the top. Our expectation in creating the app was that new users would browse through it and then begin applying any tools which they found immediately applicable.  Then, as they saw results they could utilize more of the tools and begin suggesting updates back to us.  So, their ability to use the app and in fact the app itself could grow as their experience in making disciples did.  But all of that will only happen when those who download the app take the first step.   We even designed a 90 second introduction to help.  Please view it at this link.–> http://subspla.sh/1gLXUxc  The video can also be found under the “Photo credit: gospelbondservant.comBig Picture” tab in the app.  If you don’t yet have the Life Teams app, the video page has links to download sites for all major formats.  Please remember to rate and share so more people will discover it.

While the Life Teams app was designed to leverage the 21st century intuitive style, learning along the way isn’t a new concept.  After all, Jesus provided his disciples no pre-requisite reading, lectures, seminars, or tutorials; he simply compelled them to take that first step out of a commitment to all others that would follow.

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