Seed to Sow

12413520_mlHarvest need #3 of 5, “Seed to Sow,” has no counterpart in the 5 PoP’s because it’s assumed that if a person wants to plant churches they probably know how to share the gospel.  Unfortunately, that’s not been my personal experience.  I’m not afraid to talk about Jesus or what he’s done in my life but those conversations seem to always end in the hearer saying, “Interesting…but I’m not interested.”

While evangelism should be natural for a disciple, churchified people like me have often lost the ability to get to the heart of the matter with unbelievers. In a western context especially, would be church planters must gain some basic tools and abilities to effectively present the gospel.  Within the Life Teams app we’ve included some proven evangelistic Bible studies and presentations to help plant the seed of the gospel within your field.  For those who might be brand new at sharing their faith, we’ve included some short evangelistic videos under the S.H.O.T.S. tab.  We envision believers showing these to their wandering friends to spark conversation and hopefully conversion.  The “Learn” subtab under “SESSIONS” contains two studies which could be used for evangelism.  “The 7 Signs in John” is a Holy Spirit endorsed study designed to elicit faith in the person of Jesus over seven sessions.  “His Story” condenses the salvation narrative of all of Scripture into 9 lessons.

Some good training in basic evangelism can be found in this short video from “Ontheredbox”

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