The 5 Harvest Needs

As a person with an apostolic bent, I traffic in strategies.  I don’t just want to know that I’m supposed to go out into the world and make disciples, I want to know how and I want to show others how.  The 5 PoP’s which I first encountered while reading Organic Church by Neil Cole, immediately engaged my disciple making drive with the real world in which I live.  I still attempt to carry out those five simple principles week to week and have found them to be fruitful.

So of course I wanted to include this strategy in some training materials I produced for a recent trip to Albania but I thought that the alliterated acrostics would not carry over to Albanian.  So I revised the strategy to be what I call “The 5 Harvest Needs.”  This video can also be found under the “Big Picture” tab in the Life Teams app.  Over the next 5 posts I will consider each harvest need in turn to give further explanation on how to address each need, how they relate to each other, and how to utilize the tools in the app within that context.

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