The Best Reason Not to Evangelize

Here it is: People are a mess.  It’s a temptation to stay within our small circle and not borrow trouble.  I actually knew a pastor who readily admitted that the messiness of broken people was the reason he did not evangelize.  But we’ve not been given that option.  Jesus left the only ideal environment to come to this cesspool of a world so he could rescue us.  We cannot credibly claim to follow him and avoid the brokenness that will always leave a scar upon our hearts.  As Neil Cole points out, the Lamb of God sends us out as sheep in the midst of wolves but as the Good Shepherd he promises to be with us.  We must follow his instruction to be wise as serpent and harmless as doves but at the end of the day, we will be hurt as he was.  But here is our reward: In our moment of hurt and disappointment we experience fellowship with him.  So now that we’ve dispelled the best reason not to evangelize, go to it!

Published by Nathan Wilkerson

Holding on for dear life.

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