Good Church

Here’s another quote from Everyday Church by Chester and Timmis: We often talk of a “good church.” When people move to a new area, we may commend a local church as a “good church,” but what criteria do we use to make such an assessment? Preaching? Youth work? Music? For Peter a good church is …

Not Small Group

Life Teams ought to be gospel communities. Here’s a great passage from Everyday Church by Chester and Timmis which contrasts gospel communities with traditional small groups. Gospel communities are not like house groups, Bible study groups, pastoral groups, or ministry teams. House groups obviously vary hugely, and yours may function very much like a gospel …

Message from Steve Timmis on Acts 4-5:16

Once I sat down to write a book on church. Then I read Total Church by Chester and Timmis and therewith I laid down my pen.  Here is a powerful message on church by Steve Timmis.


Bonhoeffer said, “God hates visionary dreaming.” In our church climate, many leaders may wonder that if that’s true what could be left to build a church on. Christ has always been the builder of his church and its foundation.

If You Build It…They Still Won’t Come

I’m reading Everyday Church by Chester and Timmis, the authors of Total Church.  This is the first of what I’m sure will be many quotes from that book which I will post here: One of the common assumptions, when people fail to turn up to church, is that we need to improve the experience of church …