The “All In” series continues with message #25 on Luke 9:1-17. Click the arrow to the left of the bar below to listen.   And here is the video if you’re into that sort of thing.


Our series in Luke continues with  a pair of healing stories from chapter 7:1-17, but we don’t stay there. In Christ all of the prophets and God’s plan with humanity through history come together. Click below for the audio:   And here is the video:


Message number 16 in the “All In” series on Luke 6:12-26. Listen to the audio below or right click (hold it) to download to your computer or device. You can also find our audio resources via podcast by searching for Pleasant Street Church of Christ in your favorite podcast player.   And here is the …

All or Nothing

Do you know someone whose Facebook feed alternates between affirmations of faith and vulgar sexual references? I look at those people and ask myself, “How do they understand faith in God?” After much consideration and dialogue with others about their faith, I’ve come to the conclusion that many people see God as a means to …