Some Christians are into local benevolence; others are into world relief. Here’s a way to do both! Tomi and Anida Dobrenji won the US Embassy lottery to emigrate from Albania to the US four years ago. Since Albania is the poorest country by far in Europe, this was a wonderful opportunity for the Dobrenji family to provide education and opportunities for their three children. It was also a major hardship on Tomi’s extended family since according to Albanian tradition it had been his job to provide for his aging parents. Since moving here, Tomi and Anida have both worked hard to support their own family as well as send money back to Albania to support his parents and pay for a cousin to come to his parents’ home from time to time to do household chores, etc.


A couple of months ago, Tomi’s mother had a debilitating stroke which has left her bedfast. As a result, Tomi’s older brother had to quit his job in the city of Durres and move his family in with Tomi’s parents. Since the parents live in a small village, there are no employment opportunities for Tomi’s brother so Tomi has had to pick up a second job on the weekends to pay a portion of what’s needed to continue supporting his parents as well as his brother’s family.

Under the gospel, we really have just a few imperatives. One of which is to love each other. My family is committing $100/month to help support Tomi’s family so long as this situation persists. I’d like to ask you to join us by clicking this link and signing up to give a recurring amount of any size. In this way, we can bear a portion of the burdens which our spiritual family bears both here and in another country.

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Published by Nathan Wilkerson

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