In 2013-2014 we went on a journey to find Jesus in the Old Testament. By the end, we had been built up and challenged in ways we could not have expected at the beginning. While not all of the messages got recorded, the ones that have survived have been uploaded here for your spiritual progress. Please leave any comments or questions you have at the bottom.



Abram to Abraham

Laughing with God

Little Brother

God’s House

Face to Face

Yet Will I See Him

Hidden and Harsh

Departing Death’s Desert

Yahweh Our Redeemer

Moses and Yahweh’s People

Through the Veil

Choose This Day

God of War

Kinsman Redeemer

Cleaning House

Among Thieves


House of David

At The King’s Table

Kingdom of Rest

Without Messiah

Greater Than

Double Vision

Get With The Program

Evil Incarnate

Kingdom Come

O Little Town

The Fruitful Vine


Like a Flood

A New Covenant

God Delivers His Servants

Son of Man

At the King’s Gate

Behold He Comes

Prepare the Way

Messiah Wrap Up

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