Let There Be Light!

It’s more than sad that Christians have a reputation for being hypocritical. As the light of the world, Christ came to reveal and to expose. All who come into his light must simultaneously become more authentic and more pure. We can only do this when we believe enough in the potency of his blood to confess our sins to each other.

Neil Cole and his co-conspirators at CMA, created Life Transformation Groups (LTG’s) and publish a brochure which allows anyone who can read to start an accountability group. We purchased the rights to adapt and print this very helpful tool and so created the Growth Groups questionnaire. In the context of an LTG or Growth Group, church goers can become disciples. Yesterday, I presented a message for our home congregation on the gospel imperative of transparency and gave the biblical rationale behind each of the questions in the Growth Groups questionnaire. Here is the message in its entirety:

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Holding on for dear life.

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