Awake at the Wheel

1957523_height370_width560My wife can’t sleep while I’m driving. She’s physically capable of sleeping in the car. In fact, she’s really good at it. But if she falls asleep, so do I. She would prefer to just black out and wake up on our arrival but she can’t. One of the many times she looked over to see me nodding off she asked, “Isn’t the fear of going off the road and killing us all enough motivation to keep you awake?”  Apparently not!

Our spiritual lives are like that too. We know that we have an enemy who lurks around waiting to find any of us sleeping but the night is long and our lids get heavy. We need companions who will watch with us on this long road to eternity. That’s one of the powerful things about Growth Groups – they help us stay awake spiritually.

What do I mean by spiritually awake? Simply this: Those who participate in Growth Groups remain aware of the norms of the kingdom, the state of their own souls, and the needs of the world around them. Without accountability, it is just far too easy to allow the pressures and pleasures of this life to drop our gaze toward earth and before long we find ourselves yet again in the ditch.

Are you ready to stop nodding off and swerving around in your lane? Start a Growth Group today. If that one doesn’t work out, find another believer or better yet lead someone to Christ and start another one. 

Published by Nathan Wilkerson

Holding on for dear life.

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