Bullets for Peace

We met last night.  It was a glorious time.  God blessed us with several children who contentedly (my son the only vocal exception) sat with us in the circle contemplating the life we’ve been given and do now share.  We sang songs of deep devotion that were satisfying to the adult souls and simple for the developing minds. Toward the middle of our meeting a nine-year-old member of this Life Team got up and handed me a handwritten piece of paper filled with bullet points about God.  As I read them, I thought, “Wow, this girl’s not just coloring a pony; she’s contemplating the nature of God – she’s doing theology!”  My next thought was, “Uh oh, she’s got a little way to go.”  But isn’t that church as it’s supposed to be – childlike people engaging in the mystery of God and learning from each other?  I wanted to read the more orthodox of her bullets to the group that night but I thought I should probably talk with her first about why I’m going to leave a few out.  Please pray for this precious girl and for the Life Team she’s a full member of.  Here is what she gave me:


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