Get Used to Disappointment

I love the movie, “The Princess Bride.” I can probably quote the entire movie, but one of my favorite moments occurs when Indigo makes the realization that the man in black has all but defeated him at the conclusion of their mighty duel.  Indigo asks, “Who are you?”  To which the man in black replies, “No one of consequence.”  Indigo insists, “I must know.”  Unmoved, the man in black replies, “Get used to disappointment,” leaving Indigo with nothing to say but, “Okay.”  

As lovers of God, we know that he will never disappoint us.  But as lovers of people we can be assured that we will be hurt repeatedly. Christ calls us to fellowship with him in betrayal and abandonment not just from among the crowd but from among those closest to us. We must accept these things and even embrace them as his invitation to know him more and become more like him.  But such suffering will not serve its purpose if we protest or resent.  By the power of his resurrection, this experience of his death will result in glory to our God as we absorb the curse and return a blessing.  This is the normal Christian life. 

Also, we must be especially cautious that we don’t allow the fear of future pain to drive us in to a fortress of solitude which will inevitably become a prison of cynicism. We are mandated to be unwearied in doing well in this world of hurt.  As the man in black would say, we must, “Get used to disappointment.” 

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