Help Kasey’s family with expenses.

Kasey wins again!

Hey everyone. You may or may not know that Kasey has been struggling lately with some serious health problems. In addition to cerebral palsy, Kasey has a movement disorder which makes it difficult for her to rest and to keep weight on. Thankfully, her doctors have been able to reduce a lot of this movement by means of a pump implanted in her abdomen which administers a steady flow of medication directly into her spine. Recently, that pump became the site of a major infection which spread into her nervous system. Not good.

Upon evaluation for surgery to remove the infected pump, the doctors discovered that Kasey had several other complications which needed to be resolved before surgery could be done. She had bilateral pneumonia which resulted from her aspirating fluids due to a lesion on her vocal cords. Additionally, her heart was racing for an unknown reason.

Her meningitis worsened while the doctors worked to stabilize her and she eventually had to be transferred to Little Rock to have the pump removed. After the surgery, her throat swelled and she had to be intubated. She’s been in the ICU in Little Rock for the past several days. It’s been a scary time.

But this is Kasey we’re talking about and she’s on the mend. She was able to get off of the ventilator yesterday and today, she was able to leave the ICU. We’re praising God that she’s recovering nicely and plans to be home around the end of the week.

Let’s support the people supporting Kasey.

Because of the seriousness of Kasey’s condition and due to COVID restrictions, only Kasey’s biological parents have been allowed to stay with her. While we all know it’s been a privilege for them, the expenses have been stacking up. They’ve both lost time at work and have had to pay for lodging where one of them can rest while the other hangs out with Kasey.

Hospital overcrowding due to COVID means that Kasey won’t be able to convalesce in the hospital as long as normal, so there will be further expenses when she goes home just to get the place ready for her.

Since the Law of Christ states: “Bear one another’s burdens,” the elders of Pleasant Street have approved a fund for any who’d like to help the family at this time.

Use the donate button below or send a check designating “Kasey Hodges” in the memo line to:

Pleasant Street Church of Christ
PO Box 6612
Springdale , AR 72766
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