A Staff in His Hand

Opening Situation: Moses was tending Jethro’s sheep.
Change Agent: The Angel of the Lord enters a bush making it burn. Moses goes over to see it.
When God saw that Moses was coming over, he spoke to him about his desire to free Israel
“Who am I? That I should go? What is your name?”
I will be with you. “I am that I am.”
What if they don’t believe that you sent me?
God told Moses to throw his staff on the ground.
The staff became a snake.
God had Moses pick the staff back up and it returned to wood.
Moses hand became leprous
God healed it.
Pour water from the Nile on the ground and it will become blood.
Finally, Moses said, please send someone else. God’s wrath burned against Moses. “Take Aaron with you.”
Moses went and ask his father-in-law if he could go and see his own people.
Jethro consents and Moses takes his family back to Egypt.