The following is a holistic Life Team meeting process based on the Growth Cycle using an oral storytelling method. You might want to craft your own story set or use our most recent set, “Not with Pen and Ink,” or our previous set, “Meeting Messiah.”

Hear It!

  • Review the details of last week’s story. Work together to completely reconstruct it. Ask the following questions to review:

  1. Who did we talk about last week?
  2. What did they do?
  • Tell and hear the new story for the week. Use the Story Map to develop your story.


  • Lead the group in retelling the story by asking:

  1. What happened in this story?
  2. What happened before/after that?
  3. What else happened?

Keep asking until the story has been reconstructed. Then ask someone to tell the whole story from beginning to end.

  • Once everyone can remember the details of the story, process it with these discovery questions:

    1. What does this story say about people?
    2. What does it say about God/Jesus?
    3. What does it say to you personally?

Live it!


How did you obey the message over the past week?

What will you do in response to the message this week?
Be sure to pray about the answers to these questions during the prayer time at the end.

Tell it!

Ask, “Who do you know that needs to hear this story?” Write down the names to pray over.

Close in prayer together over obedience commitments and over the list of those who need to hear the story.

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