The following is a holistic Life Team meeting process based on the Growth Cycle using a an oral storytelling method. You might want to craft your own story set or use our most recent set, “Meeting Messiah.”

This process allows two meetings for the Life Team members to learn the story. You can condense to a one story per meeting process if your Life Team is particularly adept or focused.

Meeting A

ear_PNG6245Hear It!

Tell and hear the new story for the week. Use the Story Map to develop your story.

Story Map
Click on the image to learn more about using the Story Map


Process the story.

    • What details of this story stood out to you?
    • What does this story say about people?
    • What does it say about God?
    • What does it say about me?
    • Where do you see Christ in this story?

Live it!Hands-and-Feet

How did you obey the message over the past week?

Be sure to pray about the answers to these questions during the prayer time at the end. Where appropriate, include them in The Three O’s. 

129865-simple-red-square-icon-symbols-shapes-comment-bubbleTell it!

Ensure that everyone has the reference of this week’s story and a copy of your Story Map notes to take home so they will be ready to tell the story at next week’s meeting. You might also want to print off or send them the link to the appropriate set of images from Free Bible Images

Close in prayer w/The Three O’s.

Meeting B

ear_PNG6245Hear It Again!

Call at random on two members of the Life Team to retell last week’s story. Have the rest of the team listen and help fill in gaps. Be careful to call on different people each time so everyone becomes accountable to learn the story through the intervening week.

Live it!Hands-and-Feet

In prayer, ask God how he would have this week’s story bear fruit in your life. Wait and listen for his response. After several minutes of silence (or instrumental music if you have it), bring the time of waiting to a close and have members share what they received. Take notes on these commitments and ask about them next meeting.  

129865-simple-red-square-icon-symbols-shapes-comment-bubbleTell it!

Who needs to hear this story? Have members share 2-3 names of people they will share the story with. You can record these under the “opportunities to share life” section in The Three O’s prayer form below.

Close in prayer w/The Three O’s.

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