While It’s Called “Today”

Nobody wakes up one morning to discover they no longer trust in Christ. Departure from the Way happens through a slow process of compromise and justification. A well-meaning Christ follower might tell a white lie “for the greater good” and then find that she has to tell several more to cover the first one. In …

Ghandi’s Seven Social Sins

Ghandi may have known more about building a healthy church culture than most American pastors.

The Infamous Question #3

I’ve watched this one question awaken believers from their slumber. Ask it of yourself and others to see what I mean.

The Fourth “O”

The “Three O’s” tool under the “SESSIONS” tab in the Life Teams app can push a Life Team from being just another small group to being a militarized cell in the war on sin. Through strategic prayer we assail Satan’s strongholds and open the way for gospel progress. Additionally, the process of considering the Three …