Worship in the Wilderness

Here's a bit of a vision piece about worship in the kingdom of God.   Here's the video for those who like to watch me wave my arms.   Here's the video for those who'd really just like to see the screen without all of the arm waving.    

Pleasant Street Glossary

We use some idioms. Here they are together for clarity: 10.2 Prayer Brief - a secure online document which contains the collective prayer requests and praises of our movement. Must have a Google account and lead a Life Team or 10.2 Prayer Meeting to access. 10.2 Prayer Meeting - 2 or more believers committed to … Continue reading Pleasant Street Glossary

Vision Sunday 2017

Our leadership has been seeking the Lord together over the past several months for his direction for 2017. We're super excited about some of the things this year has in store. We hope you will be too. We also hope that these ideas will focus your prayers as you join us in seeking God's provision … Continue reading Vision Sunday 2017