Marching Orders Part 1

Message #25 in From Faith to Faith on Romans 12:11-21.   And, as usual, the screen cast.

Stop What You’re Doing

Not too long ago, an egotistical brute played on the basest elements of human nature to gain power. Since that time, he’s stomped around recklessly advancing his agenda, authoring oppression and spreading division. But on the horizon, there is hope. Another is coming to dethrone that arrogant hate monger. He’s a justice warrior. He calls …

Living The Life

Why do people acquire more than they need? Why do we rob our children of an inheritance, ourselves of time, and God’s people of our help by going into debt? What do we hope our cavernous dwellings will give us, but emptiness. What can our toys offer, but distraction? We buy what we don’t need …

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